Graduate Testimonials

Comments from former students that have graduated from Dental Careers Foundation

“I would like to share my experience about how this class has helped me become that much closer to a career in the dental field. This class provides you with many notes, a large chapter book which provides you with all the information you need. Not only are you provided with all the information and knowledge for dental assisting, you also get plenty of hands on training. Also you have many chances to come into the office and observe. This was a great experience and I would suggest anyone to take this class.”

Jarika – Graduated 2016

“This was the best learning experience I have had. The hands on and interactive learning helped me so much. The class has helped push a career forward. The instructor was nothing but amazing, explaining and helping me succeed. My overall experience has been amazing and I am so grateful for the chance to be involved in this educational experience.”

Liezel – Graduated 2016

“I recently had taken Dr. Gary Weber’s Dental Careers Foundation class in Connersville and wanted to comment on it for any interested person looking in the dental assisting field. I learned high quality skills and techniques during the length of this course. It offered flexibility in my schedule with convenient class sessions and hands on learning, as well as friendly and helping staff/instructors close to home. Upon completion of this course I was offered a dental assisting job, in which I was able to apply my skills and knowledge that was received from Dr. Weber’s course. I was able to start out in the position I desired after completing the assisting course because I had the background knowledge and had learned the skills that most dental offices desire. I also had some on-the-job training involved in this course and was ready for the dental workforce. I continue to grow and learn new things everyday with my job, but the necessary background skills and techniques that I apply everyday were learned in taking the Dental Careers Foundation Course. Therefore, I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone interested in the dental field!”

Rachel Minnerick – Graduated 2008

“My name is April Hall and I have taken your dental assisting school in 2005. It was a real pleasure to learn from your staff. I have really grown in this field and feel that I should be giving you and your school some of the credit. So I am sending you this letter to thank you again. Since I have graduated from your school I have worked in several different practices. I have been to Expanded School with Heartland Dental Care and have worked with several doctors. Currently I am working for Dr. Arnel Gallanosa at his new private practice. He is a wonderful man that I have had the pleasure of working with for almost four years at other locations. He opened his private practice in April 2009. We are located on the near north side of Indianapolis. He approached me over a year ago and asked if when he opened his private practice would I consider being the Practice Operations Manager. With the thought in mind that when we grow, and add additional offices, he wants me to be the Executive Vice President of his company. So I feel like I have done very well for myself and wanted to take this time to say thank you to you and your staff.”

April Hall – Graduated 2005

“A few short years ago, I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. After speaking with Dr. Weber, I decided to pursue the field of dentistry. I took Dr. Weber’s Dental Assisting Class thru Dental Careers Foundations in 2004. This class gave me a lot of hands-on experience. I was taught a little bit about each job position in the dental office. I was also taught things such as front desk office work, basic dental anatomy, teeth numbers, dental equipment, basic dental procedures, alginates, radiographs and much more. I was tested on book work and clinical materials. This class helped get me ready for a job in dental assisting. I was a dental assistant for 3 years. I decided to further my education. I was accepted into Raymond Walters Dental Hygiene Program in September 2007. I spent 2 long, challenging years there. I feel that Dr. Weber’s Dental Assisting Class and my experience as a dental assistant helped prepare me for Dental Hygiene School. I recently graduated in 2009 and am now a Dental Hygienist. I give full credit to Dr. Weber for encouraging me to pursue Dental Hygiene. Dr. Weber was my childhood dentist and from age 5 on, I loved teeth! Thank you Dr. Weber for everything you have done!”

Tara Wright – Graduated 2004

“I attended Dr. Gary Weber’s Dental Careers Foundation course and graduated in April of 2004. I feel that this course was extremely beneficial to me in teaching me the basics of Dental Assisting. I am now employed at the Indiana University School of Dentistry as a Dental Assistant in graduate periodontics. I have been applicable to recommend this course to and person who has a desire to excel in dentistry. The atmosphere of the course is exciting yet beneficial. Dr. Gary Weber’s Dental Career Foundation course has assisted me in achieving one of my many life long goals.”

Danette Wright – Graduated 2004

“It has been about 2 1/2 years since I took Dr. Webers dental assisting class. Right after the completion of the class, I was hired as an orthodontic assistant. Since that time I have more than doubled my wages. I have also found a career that I love. Taking his class was the best thing that I have done. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Amanda Niswonger – Graduated 2002

“I attended Dental Career Foundation 10 years ago, at the time I was 23 years old and still not sure or happy with any of my previous job decisions. Going to the Dental Careers Foundation class was the best decision I ever made. I have been an assistant for 10 years now, I went on to become an expanded assistant. I have worked in three different offices, and currently been at the same dental office for five years now. I love my job and I am always learning new thing everyday. I never get bored and I can honestly say I look forward to going to my job everyday. That is priceless.”

Shannon Griffin – Graduated 1994

“Thanks to my training with Dental Careers Foundation I was able to get a job with an oral surgeon. I have been with them for almost ten years. I thank them for giving me the experience to get started.”

Brandi Burton – Graduated 1994