Expanded Duties

Expanded Functions for Dental Auxiliaries

New & Exciting Class to Improve your Skills!


This five week course will be an advanced education in expanded function duties. Due to the intense nature of this program we will be limiting the class to eight participants. You will be taught by expanded duty assistants with more than 15 years experience and Dr. Gary Weber. We take pride in our small class size so each student can have maximum learning and participation. We will have lecture along with practical hands on teaching of cavity preparations, all types of matrices, intense teaching of tooth anatomy and more. Products are changing monthly and we will teach you the newest technology. Posterior resins are quickly over taking amalgams as the restoration of choice, thus there will be an emphasis on posterior resins.


Week 5Overview PracticalFinal Exam
Week 4Temporary Crown FabricationResin, Ion Acrylic
Week 3Class IV, VAmalgam & Composites
Week 2Advance Rubber Dam Placement Class II, IIIAmalgam & Composites
Week 1Tooth Anatomy Class ISealants

Expanded Duties Tuition

Tuition: $1300.00

The tuition costs includes rental fee for books, supplies, and dentaform.

Classes Start

March 10th, 2018