About the Program

If you are looking for a stimulating and challenging professional career, enjoy working with people, and want to have the enormous satisfaction of helping people…

Then start your career in Dental Assisting!


Taught by practicing dentists and their staff using the latest equipment and techniques. All classes are taught in an actual dental office using the latest in dental equipment, procedures, and audio-visual aids.

Classes are one day a week (8 hours a day) for ten weeks. Saturday classes so you can continue your present job while training for your new career.

Payment plans available.

A certificate will be awarded at the successful completion of the course. This, along with the letter of recommendation, will allow you to compete for those jobs requiring experience.

All supplies, materials, teaching aids, books, class notes, ect., are supplied at no additional charge. There are no hidden costs beyond the tuition for the course.

Our course is unique in that it is the only one taught in an actual practicing dental office. You will learn the state-of-the-art methods in assisting. We have sixteen years’ experience in teaching students the art of dental assisting and constantly updating our course as techniques and the profession changes.

The course is given three times a year on Saturdays. During the weekdays the course is in session, opportunities are provided for the students to work chairside with the dentist on actual patients. It is this aspect of our course that enables our students to go into the work place with a real working experience. Our students who have made the effort to master the skills and studied hard to gain the knowledge have had little problem obtaining positions in the dental profession as chairside assistants.