Five Reasons You Should Start A Career In Dental Assisting

 thinkstockphotos-512962507There are several people looking for a new career, but are not quite sure what they want to do. Don’t worry, if you are one of those people, you’re not alone. If you’re interested in a career that involves helping others and you’re a people person that can stomach the sight of a little blood, working as a dental assistant may just be the ideal job for you. If you’re not convinced, then I urge you to read on. I have complied a list of a few reasons you may want to consider a career in dental assisting.

  1. You will never be bored. Working in a dentist office will mean that you’ll always have a task at hand. You’ll spend each day of your job preforming a range of different tasks and will always be busy. A dental assistant job involves taking patients to exam rooms and getting them seated. As well as, going through their medical records with them. You may also be expected to clean dental tools and take x-rays. Dental assistants are also expected to assist during dental procedures.
  2. A serene work environment. When working as a dental assistant, you will most likely work in a private practice in calm and professional environment. Most dentist offices are enjoyable to work and spend time in, unlike alternative medical careers.
  3. Flexible work schedule. Working as a dental assistant, you will have the opportunity to have a flexible work schedule. Not only will you be able to apply for full time positions, but part-time positions as well. However, dental assistants working in dental clinics and surgeries tend to have more set hours.
  4. The training is easy-to-do. Unlike other dental careers, dental assistant training is pretty easy and doesn’t take years to complete. This is what makes becoming a dental assistant ideal for anyone. All you need is a high school diploma, a great dental school and some hands-on-training.
  5. Meeting and networking with others. One of the major benefits of becoming a dental assistant, is having the opportunity to meet and work with several different people. From your co-workers to patients, working as a dental assistant you will encounter many different people. You may also have the chance to work with people from different background or cultures if that’s another passion.

If you like what you have read and the idea of starting a career in dental assisting appeals to you, contact Dental Career Foundation in Connersville, IN at 765-825-1122 today! Or visit for additional information regarding Dental Assisting Careers.


Dental Careers Foundation | Connersville, IN

dental-assisting-careerAre you one of the many people seeking a stimulating and challenging professional career, that enjoys working with others, and gets satiation from helping people? If you answered yes, then you may want to consider starting a career in Dental Assisting.

Here at Dental Careers Foundation, all class are taught by dental professionals and their certified staff using modern equipment and techniques. Every class is taught in an actual dental office utilizing the latest dental equipment, dental procedures, and audio-visual aids. Each of our class are one day a week, eight hours a day, for a ten weeks. Classes typically land on a Saturday so that you can continue working at your present job while training for a new career.

After the ten weeks, you’ll be awarded a certificate at the successful completion course. Along with your certificate, you will receive a letter of recommendation, which will allow you to compete for jobs that require experience. This course here at Dental Careers Foundation is unique in that is the ONLY one taught in an actual dental practice. The hands-on-learning will help your learn state-of-the art methods in dental assisting. We here as Dental Careers Foundation have 16 years of experience in teaching students the art of dental assisting and are always improving and updating our courses as  the profession changes.

The course is give three times a year on Saturdays. During the weekdays the course is in session, and opportunities are provided for the students where they are able to work chair-side with dentists on actual patients; talk about hands-on-learning. This certain aspect of our course is what enables students to go into a work environments with real working experience. The students of Dental Career Foundations who have studied hard to gain knowledge and made the effort to master their skills have had little problem getting positions in dentistry as chair-side assistants.

If you’re ready to start a career in Dental Assisting or would like to learn more about our programs, contact Dental Career Foundation in Connersville, IN at 765-825-1122 today! Or visit for additional information regarding Dental Assisting Careers.